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Organic Cotton Yarn

In clothing business, everything begins with yarn. We turn our yarns utilizing Aegean Cotton, which is the second best quality cotton on the planet. Yarn which characterizes the general nature of every single completed item is critical and organic cotton yarns with their normal beginnings, does their occupation exceptionally well.

Our Range for Organic Cotton Yarn!

Our yarn number range from this cotton is between Ne 8 and Ne 50

We can turn both knitting and weaving yarns. Additionally as per the harvest it is now and again possible to turn Ne 60’s also.

It is possible to make brushed, checked and open-end yarns. For open-ends there is minimum of 8000 kg’s. Much the same as traditional cotton, organic cotton yarns are likewise tried in Uster Testers and this esteem can be given upon demand.

The accompanying things can be offered moreover

  • Double or tripled yarns (like Ne 30-2 , Ne 40-3)
  • Heather yarns: This is possible from different hues. For heather yarns there is a minimum of 1,5 tons however.
  • Shading developed yarns: Again it is possible from different blends with typical crude cotton.
  • We do dyed yarns also. A minimum for this is 150 kg/shading.


  • All organic cotton yarns are packed in cartons. One yarn cone weight would be around 2,2 kg. (This may change as per the Yarn Count). In one box, we can put around 18 cones. Around 39,6 kg comes in one box. Amid packing we can put stickers with your logo and company name on it inside the cones. For packing additionally palletizing is possible.

Organic cotton yarn comes in below shipments:

  • In one 20 FT container we can put around 6,550 kg of yarns.
  • In one 40 FT container we can put around 14,000 kg of yarns.
  • In one 40 FT Hc container we can put 17,000 kg of yarns.
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