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Soda Ash

Soda ash is a white, odorless powder. Soda ash is also known as Sodium Carbonate. It is steady, not combustible and toxic. Soda ash, an anhydrous substance, is an imperative mechanical synthetic and is utilized as a part of the manufacture of numerous products.

Soda ash is most generally utilized as a part of:

  • Manufacture of glass, where it reduces the softening temperature of the sand utilized as a part of glass arrangement and aides in the “workability” or forming of glass articles, for example, silverware and buoy glass.
  • Making cleansers and cleansers, where it is utilized as a manufacturer, or filler, to give a smoother surface.
  • Production of chemicals, for example, sodium silicate, sodium bicarbonate and percarbonate, and sodium chromate and dichromate.
  • Pulp and paper manufacture, water treatment, emanating treatment, metallurgy and medications.

Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate) Technical Specifications:

Characteristics UNIT IS 251 :1998 SPECIFICATIONS
Molecular Weight
Bulk Density KG/M3 500 – 750
Volatile Matter Content (AT The Time Of Packing) %, MAX 2
Total Alkalinity (AS Na2co3) %, MAX 98.5
Sulphate (AS Na2co3 ) %, MAX 0.08
Chlorides (as Nacl) %, MAX 1
(AS Fe2o3)
By Colorimetric Method %, MAX
By Spectrophotometric
Matter Insoluble In Water %, MAX 0.15
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