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Cotton Yarn

We are best quality of cotton yarn supplier with various specification at best price. Cotton yarn is growing naturally on cotton plant as soft staple fiber. Mainly cotton spun is used to produce yarns and threads. Cotton yarn is widely used produce fabrics for clothes, home-textile like bed-sheets, mattress, table cloth, terry-towels, bath-robes, socks & many other uses. 100% Cotton yarn can be carded and combed in open-end cotton yarn for knitting & weaving.

We are pleased to be able to offer 100% combed cotton yarn & carded cotton yarn, carded compact yarn, polyester, viscose blended polyester / cotton yarn in the range from Ne 6s to 80s in single and doubled yarns for knitting, weaving, and sewing thread. Organic Cotton is grown without insecticide or pesticide whereas Conventional Cotton uses large quantity of pesticide & insecticide. The production of organic cotton is more expensive as compared to conventional cotton as it uses several scientific methods for the cotton crop to be grown. Polyester Cotton is mainly blended in the combination of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton.

We are leading supplier of Cotton yarn and PC yarn from India, China. We have a strong network in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

CARDED Ne 12 to Ne 50 1Ply & 2 Ply Weaving/Knitting, Dyed
COMBED Ne 12 to Ne 120 1 Ply & 2 Ply Weaving/Knitting, Dyed
COMPACT Ne 30 to Ne 80 1Ply Weaving/Knitting
OPEN END Ne 2 to Ne 30 Upto 5Ply Weaving/Knitting, For Denim
POLY/COTTON Ne 20 to Ne 60 1 Ply & 2 Ply Weaving/Knitting, Dyed
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