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Carbon Black

Look at you and count what number of things you see that are black. Essentially every something uses carbon black. Be it wet balance for tires, tint for plastics and inks, solidness for hoses, support for conveyor belts, carbon black is used as a piece of the create of unlimited things we use every day. Territory Carbon creates Industrial Rubber Carbon Blacks and Tire Rubber Carbon Blacks and furthermore Specialty Carbon Blacks. Our Rubber Carbon Blacks are used as strengthening pros in like way purchaser things you know and use every day, for instance, tires, hoses, footwear, and astounding guarded packaging. Our summary of Specialty Carbon Blacks fuses aftereffects of low PNA for use in pharmaceutical applications.

Below is the list of Carbon Black Grades that mostly used:

Grade Description
N220 Fine dynamic carbon black. Gives to rubber high wear protection and tear quality, moderately low modulus.

Tire tread, re-treading. Excellent industrial rubber goods and high review conveyor belts.

N234 Fine dynamic carbon black with expanded structure. Gives high wear protection and abnormal state of support of various rubbers. Rubbers, containing N-234, are described by high modulus and great smooth expulsion of crude compound. Auto tire treads with superior, re-treading. Brilliant industrial rubber goods and conveyor belts.
N326 Fine low-structure dynamic carbon black. Gives low modulus, high extension at break, high tear and weariness quality. Mixes for tire breaker, including breaker for strong and rough terrain tires.
N330 Fine dynamic carbon black. Gives high stensile quality and great wear protection. Tire breaker and sidewalls. Strong tires, horticultural tires, sleeve, conveyor belts, industrial rubber goods, fan-belt.
N339 Fine dynamic carbon black with expanded structure. Confers high modulus, enhanced expulsion, wear protection and hysteresis N-330. Tire treads, re-treading. Industrial rubber goods and conveyor belts.
N347 N347 carbon black is utilized as reinforcing filler in tire tread mixes, essentially truck tires, mechanical rubber goods. Offers great scraped area protection. Gives great tear protection and high rigidity.
N375 Fine dynamic carbon black. Give high breaking and wear protection. Enhanced capacity of process. Tire treads, re-treading. Industrial rubber goods and conveyor belts.
N539 Like N-550 it is medium-scattering, medium-dynamic carbon black. Gives enhanced handling properties, conceivable expanded stacking. Mixes for tire remains and tube. Profile-expelled goods. Industrial rubber great, seal, hoses. One-layer material framework.
N550 Medium-scattering, medium-dynamic carbon black. Gives high extrudability, generally high tear protection.

Mixes for tire body and tube. Profile-expelled goods. Industrial rubber great, seal, hoses.

N660 Medium-scattering, medium-dynamic, low-structure carbon black. Gives higher kick the bucket swell, high versatility at moderately high hardness. May be joined in expansive amount. Mixes for tire cadaver and tube. Formed goods, goods expulsion. Industrial rubber goods, sleeves. One-layer material framework. Segregating link rubbers.
N772 It is acquired in a persistent procedure in the heater by a warm oxidative disintegration of flammable gas. It has a place with semi-dynamic evaluations of carbon black and it demonstrates low estimations of scattering and auxiliary highlights. It is made in pellet frame.
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