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Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide)

Caustic soda, usually known as Sodium Hydroxide, lye, or sodium hydrate, is a caustic compound which assaults natural matter. (Caustic soda is sodium hydroxide, caustic potash is potassium hydroxide and silver nitrate is lunar caustic.) Caustic soda is accessible financially in different white strong structures and as an answer of different focuses in water. It is extremely solvent in water, alcohol, and glycerine and retains carbon dioxide and dampness from the air. Sodium hydroxide is set up by the response of sodium carbonate (soda) in concentrated arrangement shape with calcium hydroxide (slaked lime). Be that as it may, the chief strategy for its fabricate is by the electrolysis of brackish water. (The two current advancements are the stomach and the layer). The electrolyte is soaked brackish water (Around 25% fluid sodium chloride). The chloride particle is oxidized at the anode to chlorine gas. Caustic soda is a solid base and reasonable which find numerous applications in the compound business. Sodium hydroxide gives elements of balance of acids, hydrolysis, and build-up. The real utilization of sodium hydroxide is as a concoction and in the produce of different chemicals. It is utilized as a part of material industry. Caustic soda is utilized principally for two procedures in material produce. Mercerizing of fiber with sodium and hydroxide arrangement empowers more prominent tensional quality and steady gloss. It additionally expels waxes and oils from fiber to make the fiber more open to dying and passing on.

How caustic soda used in Textile & Paper industry:

Caustic soda is additionally utilized as a part of the creation of viscose rayon. Cellulose is extricated from mash utilizing sodium hydroxide and consequently treated with high immaculateness sodium hydroxide to deliver soda cellulose. Encourage substance treatment brings about a rayon fiber. This is a declining market because of the opposition from engineered strands. It is utilized as a part of making paper and mash. Caustic soda helps division of cellulose strands from lignin; this separates wood into mash. Sodium hydroxide likewise dyes paper to required whiteness and brilliance. In alumina creation industry, a solid salt arrangement isolates unadulterated alumina from bauxite mineral. Alumina is then recouped through precipitation lastly, calcination. Caustic soda is additionally broadly utilized as a part of in making soaps and detergents; Sodium hydroxide was initially utilized for soap manufacture, yet now has a more extensive assortment of capacities. And an extractant and refining operator for specific oils, sodium hydroxide is utilized to create dynamic specialists, or manufacturers in current engineered detergents. Caustic soda is utilized for sodium hypochlorite which is utilized as a family dye and disinfectant and for sodium phenolate utilized as a part of germ-killers and for the produce of Aspirin.

Stability and Storage Life

Caustic soda solution is a steady item yet its storage life is needy upon the capacity conditions. On the off chance that the caustic is presented to air, an adjustment in the item quality will be seen after some time, since the caustic soda solution will get carbon dioxide to form sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) solids. What’s more, iron get is regular in carbon steel storage vessels or in lined carbon steel storage vessels where the liner has been harmed. Accordingly, limiting its introduction to air and its immediate contact with iron containing metals will amplify the capacity life of caustic soda solution.

Product Specifications

Chemical Names/Formula – Sodium Hydroxide, Caustic Soda (NaOH)

NaOH – 98 % by weight (dry) and 50% by weight (liquid)

Iron (Fe) – 0.0015 max Specific Gravity – 1.9

Basic Properties of Caustic Soda Solution 50%

Vapor pressure 1.5 mmHg @ 68°F (0.20 kPa @ 20°C)
Boiling point Approximately 293°F (145°C)
Freezing point Approximately 58°F (14°C)
pH 14
Specific gravity 1.52 g/ml @ 68°F (20°C)*
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