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PTA – (Pure Terephthalic Acid)

United Raw Material Pte. Ltd. – We are Formosa and OPTC's sole selling agent for India market. Our sales for PTA is 30,000 MT/month. United Raw Material Pte Ltd is a leading exporter of PTA from India, China, Taiwan & has been exporting world class quality PTA to various countries across the globe. The full form of PTA is Pure Terephthalic Acid. PTA is a white crystal power that is innoxious and inflammable. It burns easily when mixed with a certain amount of air. PTA is used to Make Polyester Fiber, Filament Yarns & Pet Chips (Polyester Chips). PTA is the most basic raw material for any Textile industry.

PTA is an important organic raw material, widely used in the chemical fibre industry, the light industry, the electronics industry and the construction industry and some other fields. Over 90 percent of the world’s PTA is used to produce PET. Producing 1 ton of PET needs 0.85-0.86 ton of PTA and 0.33-0.34 ton of MEG. Meanwhile, in China’s Domestic market, about 75% of PTA is used to make polyester fibre, 20% to make bottle-grade polyester, which is mainly used in packing beverages, especially sodas, and 5% to make film-grade polyester, with the associated products used as packaging material, films and magnetic tapes.


PTA and FG can form PET (polyester) via polycondensation. PTA can also form relevant esters after joint action with 1,4-glycol or 1,4-yclohexanedicarboxylic acid (CHDA).

White Powder
Acid Value
mg KOH/g
675 ± 2
Volatile Matter
wt %
Alkaline Transparency (T-400)
Total Heavy Metal